Lamorna Cove
  • Lamorna Cove


    Lamorna Cove Cottage in Cornwall is a popular location for visitors each year. This piece is a composite made up of ten photographs bringing all the elements of a Cornish Summer into one final piece.

    • Frame Materials

      A1 White Frame - This is a wide, flat-profiled frame, through the matte white paint, you can see the natural grain of the ayous wood.

      The glazing in this option is high quality art glass  - Ultra clear, non reflective and 70% UV filtering.

      Width: 53 mm, Height: 19mm, Colour: White


      40 x 30 & 40 x 50CM White or Black Frame - A real wood frame that shows the wood grain. The glazing with these options is standard glass. If you would prefer Art Glass please contact me for prices.